Help Elena in the process of transition

Elena, a trans woman from Sarajevo, needs financial support in the process of transition.

”I am Elena and I come from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Biologically, I was born as a male (Radoslav Čubić), but my gender identity is female, i.e. it does not correspond to the sex I was assigned at birth. I am currently in the process of gender transition/reassignment of my gender identity. I have undergone psychological and endocrinological evaluation in Belgrade, Serbia. I was referred to the Urology Department by Dr Miroslav Đorđević who is going to perform the surgery, also in Belgrade. He examined me and approved the surgery.

Since Bosnia and Herzegovina does not bear the expense of gender reassignment, I have relied on my dual citizenship and the National Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia, which has approved the funds and will make its contribution for the surgery. As a patient, I am expected to pay RSD 110,000 which is roughly EUR 920. Since I have travel expenses as well as other expenses due to my trip from Sarajevo to Belgrade, i.e. hormones, health insurance costs, etc., I need an additional EUR 1,483 (BAM 2,900) to be able to undergo surgery.”

So far, EUR 624 (BAM 1,220) has been raised with the help of the G-point Women’s Centre and the CURE Foundation. An extra EUR 856 (BAM 1,680) needs to be raised.

“Any amount you donate will mean a lot to me, and it will help me to finally fulfil the biggest dream of my life,” says Elena.

You can donate via the following account:

Nova Banka AD Banja Luka
Transakcijski račun: 555-000-00501220-52
IBAN: BA395550000050122052



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